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Get Back To Business

We are excited that you have taken the next step toward a healthier workplace.

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Giving your employees regular access to BackHug means:

   Dramatically reducing the number of sick leave due to back pain, headaches and other aches and pains

   Save money (one BackHug can treat a whole team)  

   Increase work productivity

   And most importantly, enhance the happiness and well-being of your workforce.

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Space for the BackHug (which measures L: 110cm, W: 53cm) and electricity is all you need to host a BackHug and give your employees professional-level manual therapy at work.

Each organization is different, and we tailor contracts depending on your needs. Therefore, we ask businesses to fill out an enquiry form and arrange a 1-to-1 call or demo to understand better what you want and how we can help you.

What You Will Receive With Your Business Subscription:

  • BackHug device
  • Private space divider (optional)
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Unlimited access for your staff and visitors
  • Access to the fully integrated booking system
  • Access to BackHug Management Portal

Very! Thousands of people have used the device since the development of the product in 2016, with a solid safety track record. However, if any of your employees are pregnant, have recently had a back operation, or have any concerns due to medical conditions. In that case, we advise that they check with their healthcare professional before using the device.

Almost everybody! BackHug offers personalized manual back therapy and tailors the treatment experience (finger speed, strength, focus area) to suit their individual needs. However, suppose any of your employees have any concerns (maybe due to pregnancy or medical injuries) we advise that they check with their healthcare professional before using the device.

Each of your employees can book their session directly from our App (available for free on both the Apple and Google store). Time slots and session duration are all handled via the app so there's no need for anyone to manually manage who uses it and when.