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A New and Affordable Solution to Quickly Improve Your Back Pain

Technology and physiotherapy come together: BackHug gives you personalised care and treatment from the comfort of your own home: No booking, no travelling, no pay-per-visit, only the benefits of professional treatments.

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Your Back, Your BackHug: It's Personal

If back pain is affecting your daily life, and you want a reliable solution that you can use whenever you want from the comfort of your own home, then BackHug might be the treatment option you've been looking for.

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Your Treatment

Adjust BackHug’s settings in real-time: speed, strength, and target area, to make the experience tailored to your needs.

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Your Back

Your back has a unique shape; BackHug adapts to the shape of your back before each treatment to ensure it hits the right points.

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Work Around
Your Schedule

We want to make it easier for you to prioritise your back care. 20 minutes is all you need to enjoy a BackHug session.

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Your Discomfort

From releiving back pain, increasing flexibilty or just aiding a good night's sleep. Your treatment is made for you and you can watch your tension drop after each session

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People Use BackHug To Find Relief For...

  • Backaches, muscles soreness, tightness

  • Chronic Conditions
    (Such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Neurological Conditions
    (Such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis)

  • Limited Mobility Due to Age or Spending Long Hours Sitting at a Desk

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“BackHug Is So Effective, Even On The First Time, You Can Feel The Benefit”


BackHug Is Unlike Anything You've Tried Before: It Works

  • BackHug uses 26 human sized robotic fingers targeted at all the key pressure points in the back, neck and shoulder blades, so they treat all of the joints an experienced physio would have treated.

  • BackHug adapts to the individual shape of your back so that the fingers treat the right points according to your unique back shape

  • You have total control of BackHug by using our specially designed app. You can adjust the treatment strength, speed, target area and program to suit your individual needs in real time. Strength can be adjusted independently for 4 different treatment areas; neck, shoulder blades, upper back and lower back.
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Scientifically Proven To Reduce Tension

In a recent study, BackHug showed an average reduction in back stiffness of 376% after just 3 sessions (compared to the control session for all participants)

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You Don't Need A Medical Degree
To Understand Your Aches and Pains

We give you the tools so you can get to know what works for you, and let you track your progress so you can see and feel the improvements. Plus, if you ever need it, a BackHug specialist will help you out.



Personalize Your Treatment

Personalize your treatment experience so it meets your specific needs: change any of the settings in real-time with a few taps of your phone. Have a headache? Try the Neck Focus program. Feeling sensitive in your lower back? Reduce strength in that area.

You feel different every day, so why should your treatment stay the same? Receive the treatment you need every time you use BackHug! If you feel unsure of what is best, read the next point…



Take an Expert Consultation

When you go and see a therapist, they will typically ask you a series of questions. Based on the information you provide, therapists will carefully determine what treatment is best suited to solving your specific problem.

In the same way, the in-App physiotherapy consultation, with step-by-step questions and 10 years of physio experience, will convert your answers into a BackHug treatment program that works just for you.



Monitor Your Progress

While you're enjoying your session on your BackHug, the device will be monitoring the level of relaxation in your back, using our cutting-edge ‘Spinemap’ feature. That means, you will always know how much deep, therapeutic relaxation you just got from each session.
You can check the effects of BackHug on your body after each session, and learn about how its impact changes over time.

How Does It Compare?

There are a lot of machines out there that claim to help with back aches, pains, for sure, but none of them de-stiffen joints like BackHug does and therefore none of them get to the root cause of your pain.
BackHug was created so that sufferers like you, who have tried everything without success, can quickly alleviate your severe aches and pains through the release of joint stiffness in your back, at home.


Change duration, intensity, or exclude an entire area from the treatment. Tell BackHug exactly what you need, like you were guiding a human therapist during your treatment.





Change duration, intensity, or exclude an entire area from the treatment. Tell BackHug exactly what you need, like you were guiding a human therapist during your treatment.

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Get relief from your aches and pains, consistently. BackHug can get deeper into your joints, not stopping at the superficial muscles, and can deliver effective treatment without ever getting tired.
"It doesn't just work, it works superbly"
- J. Vickers - BackHug user.

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No need to book an appointment, travel to a clinic, pay per visit, or get undressed. BackHug gives you quality back treatment from the comfort of your own home, whenever you need it

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Stop getting confused by buttons and difficult technical jargon. Stop hanging in an unrelated position. Lay back and relax on BackHug with just a few taps on your smartphone.

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De-Stiffening Joints In The Back

Is The Key To Fixing Your Pain

A lot of massage-based technologies use rollers and balls, which have been around since the 1950s, and only treat local muscles. Science has moved on a lot since then and stiff joints in the back are known to be the root cause of most of the pain we experience throughout the body. BackHug uses this knowledge and breakthrough in science to bring you the most effective and convenient treatment for your back pain.

Why Is Working On Stiff Joints Better Than Massaging The Muscles?

  • The benefits of massaging muscles in the back, arms
    and legs are superficial and localized. The impact is
    small and short-lived, which is why many people don't get long-term relief and continue to suffer.

  • Almost all of the mechanical pain you experience is due to the joint stiffness in your back. Stiff joints are the root cause of your pain.

  • Treating the joints in the back, spreads the therapeutic benefit across not just your back, but your whole body so that you can move freely.

Understanding The Problem Is Part of The Solution

“Muscle massagers only treat the muscle, it's superficial and localized. You need to get to the stiff joints in the back in order to treat aches and pains throughout the body”

- Chongsu Lee, Aches and Pains Secrets


Starting Your

BackHug Journey

BackHug is different to anything else, so it's good to know what to expect before you get started. As with any new technology, it might take some time to get used to it, but even after the first session, you can feel the difference.

Session 1
"BackHug is so effective, that even on the first time, you can feel the benefit" - Jessica, BackHug User.

BackHug may feel unusual the first time you use it, and maybe even painful (we recommend starting at the lowest settings, to begin with). Remember, the fingers are pushing to release stress from your back and while that may feel a little strange at first, it is a by-product of the tension being released. As the session goes on, you should feel yourself relaxing, making treatment more comfortable and enabling you to sustain a higher strength setting.

Session 10
"After 10 days, you really start to feel the benefit" Andrew, BackHug User

You should be used to the BackHug treatment by now and the unusual sensation should feel more relaxing and more beneficial - This is mostly because the tension in your back will be much lower (You can track your back tension on the BackHug app)

Session 30
"I can move my neck, I've never been able to move it this much before" Paul, BackHug User

By now, you should notice more flexibility and increased range of motion. Pain and tension should have dropped and ought to be a lot more manageable in your day-to-day life. 

Unique Problems, Unique Solution


Try BackHug For 30-Days

We know that it can be daunting to try something new when all you’ve tried in the past didn’t work for you.

Will this help my condition? Will I waste my time and my money? Why should I trust it?

We are confident that Backhug can really make a difference to your life so we encourage you to try it for 30 days. During this trial period, you can decide if BackHug is for you (and keep it) or return it, no questions asked.

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Enjoy Your Hobbies

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Have More Energy To Play

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Increase Your Flexibility

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Accelerate Your Recovery


Can You See Why People Are Switching
To BackHug to Ease Their Aches and Pains?

June Rodger

Living With MS

Louise Marshall

Tension Headaches

Paul & Michael

Chronic Aches and Pains

John Vickers

Living With MS

Orlando Aguilon

Chronic Aches and Pains

Fizza Hussain

Aches and Pains

Phil Coombes

Chronic Aches and Pains

Alison Peebles

Living With MS

Andrew Johnson

Aches and Pains

Are You Ready to Feel The Difference For Yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BackHug Similar To A Massage Chair?

No! Massage chairs treat muscle tightness. BackHug treats joint stiffness. Massage chairs use large balls and rollers that move up and down the neck and back but can't get to your joints. BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers that go deep into the knots and stiffness in the joints of the back, neck and shoulder blades.

How Can I Return My BackHug After The 30-Day Trial Period?

You just notify us of your decision by emailing us at before the 30 day trial period ends. Once you package the device securely in the same box that was used for the delivery, then, we will arrange for a FREE collection using a delivery company.

How Much Does It Cost?

BackHug offers 3 primary plans:

12-Months: £99 ($119) per month
24-Months: £89 ($99) per month
Own It: a one-off payment of £4,801 ($5,781)

What Happens At The End Of Subscription?
You have two options at the end of your subscription period (both 12 and 24-months). If you want to keep using your BackHug and enjoying the health benefits, no need to do anything. Your contract will automatically continue on a monthly rolling basis. If you want to return your BackHug for any reason, you can do so after your subscription period has ended free of charge at any time by giving us 30 days' notice. But remember - if you keep your BackHug subscription for five years in a row, you own the device.
How Often Should I Use BackHug?

Normally, we recommend using BackHug 2 - 3 times a week in order to achieve significant benefits. Some of our customers use it every day, whereas others use it when they need it, for example when experiencing stress, muscle soreness or aches and pains.

Do I Need A Smartphone To Use BackHug?

Yes! A BackHug device can only be operated with the BackHug App, which you can download on your smartphone. Any phones using Android 4.4 and iOS 10 and above will have no problems. We continuously update the App so you can experience an even more personalized and improved treatment experience.

Can I Use BackHug If My Skin Is Easily Bruised From Pressure?

No! If you bruise easily, please do not use BackHug. You will find out if BackHug is for you or not during the first 30 day trial period. BackHug applies deep tissue pressure which can result in temporary marks on your skin or bruising. If you are concerned, increase the gap between your sessions to allow your skin to recover. Alternatively, you can reduce the strength of the fingers or wear additional clothing to prevent bruising.


We’re About Quality, Not Quantity

We test each BackHug device thoroughly, therefore, stock is limited. There are thousands of people living with back aches and pains, who have problems walking or seating, who feel stiff and struggle to have a good night’s sleep.
We are dedicated to helping everyone and by signing up for your Home Trial today you will have priority on our new BackHugs.

Your opportunity to end the source of your chronic aches and pains is just a few clicks away.