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Can Backhug help with hip arthritis?

While some users report relief from hip discomfort, please note that Backhug is not a medical device; hence, we offer a 30-day trial to evaluate benefits, and medical inquiries should be directed to a healthcare professional

The Backhug Device is specifically designed to target stiffness in the joints along the spine and shoulder blades. By utilising spinal mobilisation techniques commonly used by physiotherapists, Backhug aims to improve mobility and alleviate pain. These proven techniques gently reduce stiffness in the spinal joints, providing long-lasting relief. While some users have reported relief from hip discomfort, it's important to note that Backhug is not a medical device. Therefore, we cannot guarantee specific improvements in symptoms, including hip-related issues like arthritis. To ensure our customers can determine if Backhug meets their needs, we offer a 30-day trial period. If the device proves ineffective for you, simply return it after the trial period. If you have any medical symptoms, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and advice.