Before your BackHug arrives

1. Download the App




2. Create an account

  1. Open the App and click “Sign Up".
  2. You can sign up using one of three options: Email, Google, Facebook or Apple.
    - The email and Facebook* option will require you to verify your account (see next point.)

    * Facebook will require the verification only if your Facebook account was created using a mobile number rather than email.

    Choose the option you prefer and follow the instructions on your screen.

  3. Verification: Go to your inbox, find our email and click “confirm registration”.

  4. Congratulations! Your account is activated. You can open the BackHug app and log in.
    Account activated_mock-up

3. Find a space for BackHug

BackHug is 110 cm x 53 cm, similar in size to a coffee table. Make sure your space is near a plug socket and has WiFi signal.


4. Read your User Manual

Click and open User Manual

5. Watch 'How to Unbox your BackHug' video


6. Watch 'How to use BackHug' video


7. Read our top tips on how to use BackHug

  • Freedom of choice - Remember that you can adjust your various treatment settings at any time during the BackHug session. You can adjust speed, strength, treatment area.
  • 3-4 weekly sessions - Use BackHug for 3-4 times a week for optimal benefit. Like other healthy habits like going to the gym, balance is best!
  • Turn music on, world off - Why not listen to your favourite sounds during each session. With our in-App integration feature, you can enjoy your favourite playlists from Spotify, Audible & more!
  • Max 60 min - Use BackHug for no more than 60 minutes a day. Regular use of BackHug is more important than too much at once, which helps you maintain your healthy back and general wellbeing, so make it a habit.
  • Pressure marks or even bruising - Because the treatment pressure can be firm and strong, repeated BackHug use over time can leave pressure marks on your back or even bruises. In that case, please leave enough of a gap between the sessions to allow your skin to recover. You may also want to reduce the treatment pressure or wear additional clothing like an extra t-shirt.
  • Clothes - Wear a light to medium thickness top such as a T-shirt. A very thick top may reduce the treatment benefits. If you find the pressure too much, wearing extra clothes can make the treatment pressure gentler.
  • Keep warm - We recommend using a blanket to cover and keep your body warm during the session. Your body temperature tends to decrease when you are relaxed during the session.
  • Strength - Stronger treatment pressure may bring greater therapeutic benefits. You may receive a gentle strength setting (e.g. between 1-3) for the first few weeks, but when your body becomes familiar with the treatment pressure over time, you may want to gradually increase the strength to suit your needs.
  • Neck positioning - For the ideal neck positioning, make sure that the top two fingers touch the top of your neck, or just below the Occipital Bun at the back of your head.
  • Body positioning - Keep your body in the middle of the device. By doing so, the treatment fingers apply pressure evenly on both sides of your back including the shoulder blades.
  • Belt and hair - Remove your belt so that it doesn't interfere with your lower back treatment. Similarly, keep your hair away from your neck.
  • Hands-free - Tuck your phone in the phone pocket located at the side of the device. For a while, enjoy no calls or texts and focus only on yourself.
  • Common side effects - You may experience headaches, dehydration or feel lethargic after BackHug sessions, especially for the first few weeks. These reactions are not uncommon after a good therapy session just like when you had a good massage from a therapist. Drink plenty of warm water and take a good rest after the session.

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