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What is the proper positioning on a BackHug device?

The correct way to position yourself on a BackHug device for optimal benefits and comfort

correct position 2The images above show the optimal positioning on BackHug

Achieving proper alignment on the BackHug device is crucial to receive the most effective treatment and prevent discomfort during your BackHug session.


When lying down on the BackHug, it is advisable to move your body downward, bringing your buttocks closer to the leg rest, ensuring that your head does not protrude excessively from the device.


❗ IMPORTANT: The concave part of the upholstery is designed for your head to rest on, not your neck.

incorrect poisiton - 2 modelsNOTE: The image above shows someone incorrectly positioned on BackHug with their neck in the U-shape head rest.




As the leg rest rises, the two robotic neck fingers will elevate and gently tap on your neck. Ensure that they make contact with the top of your neck.

When you can sense them at the base of your skull (just below the Occipital Bun at the back of your head), you will know that you are in the optimal position.

At the same time, the BackHug App will display an animation guiding you through these adjustments.



Adhering to these straightforward guidelines will guarantee that you maintain the correct neck position, ensuring your body is perfectly aligned on the BackHug device.