How is BackHug different from other therapy devices (like airport or shopping centre massage chairs)?

BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers to loosen stiff joints, providing a fundamentally different approach to incumbent massage products that only offer temporary and superficial relief to the muscles

BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers, whose force is applied precisely to key pressure points in the back and neck. This enables BackHug to effectively loosen stiff joints. This is the opposite of incumbent devices, such as the massage chairs often seen in airports or shopping centres, which use rollers, balls and blocks that can only treat the muscles and cannot treat the joints. The most effective way to treat back pain and other related kinds of pain (like headache, thigh tightness, Achilles tendonitis or tennis elbow) is to loosen stiff joints, whereas treating muscles only offers superficial, short-lasting relief. For more information about the importance of loosening stiff joints in the back versus muscle massage we encourage you to read our founder’s book: Aches and Pains Secrets. BackHug is fundamentally different from incumbent massage products because it can loosen stiff joints in the back, which is the key to relieving your aches and pains, whereas incumbent massage products only offer muscle massage, which does not offer meaningful, long lasting relief.

You lie on BackHug, rather than sitting. This means that, with BackHug, the fingers are pushing against your body weight and can apply firm, targeted pressure without shaking you or pushing you out of the device. In addition, by raising your legs, BackHug puts you in a super-comfortable position which is optimal both for back therapy and relaxation or meditation. 

Incumbent devices offer you a limited ability to adjust settings and do not adjust to the individual shape of your back. With BackHug, the robotic fingers rise to sense and adjust to each user’s individual back shape. BackHug’s App gives you total control over treatment strength, speed and program, allowing you to adapt them to your individual needs in real time. Depending on how stiff or sensitive the different parts of your back are, you can adjust the strength settings independently for four different treatment areas – neck, shoulder blades, upper and lower back, as easily as adjusting the volume on your phone. 

We encourage you to take our in-App back care consultation regularly to update a bespoke treatment programme just for you.