1-2-1 back care consultation

What is a Personalised Treatment Program and how to start your in App consultation.

You'll know by now that BackHug offers you a great deal of flexibility where you can personalise your treatment experience by adjusting your settings like strength, speed and treatment area in real time.

But, that's not all. We've taken your personalised treatment experience to the next level with our 1-2-1 chatbot consultation that creates a specifically tailored treatment program based on your back health needs.



1-2-1 chatbot consultation

When you attend a therapy appointment whether it be for massage or physiotherapy, the therapist as part of the assessment, will ask you a series of questions with regards to your symptoms, for example, 'when did it start?' 'how severe is it on a scale of 0 - 10?'.

The therapist then assesses your problems and immediately undergoes a 'clinical reasoning' process based on the answers you provide. Following this assessment, the therapist comes up with a solution tailored to your needs to improve your symptoms.

We have integrated this assessment - reasoning - solution therapy protocol into our BackHug App to make the experience even more personable to you. Designed by our physio experts, our in-App consultation feature goes through a structured questionnaire to assess your back health. Our carefully designed algorithm analyses your answers to create the perfect program for your back out of 2000+ possibilities! The resulting solution is offered to you as a personalised treatment program to address your specific needs.


Ongoing adjustment of your Personalised Treatment Program

As your back health changes over time, your Personalised Treatment Program also needs to be kept up to date to meet these needs. Simply take a follow-up consultation on the App where it will then create a new tailored treatment program that best suits you. We recommend that you complete this follow-up consultation every 3 months.



To start your 1-2-1 consultation via the BackHug App, simply tap the 'Personalised' tab on the home screen, or click here if you are reading this article on your smartphone.