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Can I use BackHug with scoliosis (sideways spine curvature)?

Please consult your physician regarding your specific medical condition. Because our product is not classed as a medical device currently, as a matter of principle, we do not provide specific advice concerning medically diagnosed conditions.

For general information, our device has a feature that allows one side of your back to receive less pressure than the other side. This feature can be useful for someone who feels that one side of their upper back is receiving significantly more pressure than the other during their BackHug session.

In this case, please try to use the one side gentler option that can be found within the Strength settings.


How does it work?

If you choose the "Left gentler" option, the left side fingers apply pressure one level lower than the right side fingers.
Only shoulder blades and mid-back sections are affected by this option.  

2 screens with rounded corners and shadows_slightly overlapping - One side gentler