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Woman holding head while sitting at a desk in front of a laptop

Relieve Headaches and Migraines with BackHug

If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from headaches or migraines, you know just how debilitating they can be. But did you know that the root cause of your pain might actually be in your back? BackHug is here to help.

Woman holding head while sitting at a desk in front of a laptop

A Real Pain In The Neck:
The Hidden Causes of Headaches and Migraines

Neck Misalignment


Your head weighs 12 pounds. Tilting it forward or back even slightly puts pressure on your neck joints, making it hard for muscles to support the weight. This can lead to stiff, misaligned joints and tension headaches.

Nerve Comp


The neck is the most significant highway for nerves and blood vessels. When neck joints get stiff and misaligned, nerves and blood vessels get squeezed, causing headaches, brain fog, and other symptoms.

Tight Muscles icon


Prolonged periods with your head in an off-centre position overwork your neck muscles, resulting in tightness and discomfort. This strain can lead to tension headaches, increasing your pain and discomfort.

Move Better and Feel Better with BackHug

Improved Posture


BackHug can help improve your posture by gently aligning your spine and shoulders, which can help to reduce the tension in your neck and upper back and relieve the symptoms of headaches and migraines caused by poor posture.



 BackHug uses deep tissue pressure to release stiff joints in your neck and upper back to help release tension in the muscles and improve blood flow to the affected areas, providing relief from headaches, brain fog and general discomfort


Relax and

A session on BackHug can help improve your overall well-being. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, BackHug helps you feel more energised and focused throughout the day - try our guided meditation or relaxing nature sounds to level-up your mindfulness.

Louise | BackHug User

"In the morning...the headache was gone."

I actually had a sore head, I don’t normally have a sore head and I thought: “Am I coming down with something?”
It was a pain around the side [of my head]. I took Paracetamol but it was still there, so last night I  went on  BackHug. I thought “I’m just going to relax on my BackHug” and I actually fell asleep on it. I was there and I fell asleep, for 3 hours, and I think that was my body saying “you need to relax” and obviously I was completely relaxed on BackHug

In the morning...the headache was gone.

BackHug User

Watch Louise's Back Story 

What's The Back Got To Do With It?

Asset 57
Compressed Nerves

Most of the pain we experience is a response to pressure on our nerves. So, to fix your pain, you need to remove the pressure from those nerves.

But where does that pressure come from?

Source: Kendal et al., Muscles: testing and function with posture and pain. 5th edition. 2005

Asset 56
Compressed NErve in Stiff Joints

The stress on your nerves almost always comes from the joints in your back. That's because the nerves in your neck, back, arms, and legs all start from the joints in your back.

Source: Moore., and Dalley. Clinically oriented anatomy 5th. 2006

Asset 55
Pain felt in centre of back

Your back is a magnet for stress in the body: It keeps you upright and bears the weight you carry. That stress accumulates as stiffness in the joints in your back, and just as a bicycle chain gets rusty in the rain, the joints in your back get stiff under stress.

Source: Orcan from Joints and ligaments of the vertebral column. 2022

Asset 54
Pain spreads around the body

Stiff joints in the back don't just cause pain in the back; the stiffness travels through the fascia to other parts of your body, resulting in headaches, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, tight hamstrings, tight calves, Achilles tendinitis, and much more.

Source: Adstrum et al. "Defining the fascial system"  Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Vol 21 (1). 2017. pp 173-177.

Five Steps To Feel Better:
Getting Started With BackHug

Person using the consultation feature on the BackHug app


Personalise Your Treatment

We strongly recommend that you take our in-App back care consultation by answering a dozen back health-related questions to identify your specific areas of pain and stiffness. Based on the results, our system will design a personalised program that targets those areas and provide you with the most effective treatment plan.

Person laying down on BackHug with feet on the leg rest


Relax and Decompress

As you relax on BackHug's ergonomic V-shaped upholstery and U-shaped headrest, our leg-rest feature will ease you into the perfect position for treatment. By raising your legs to 90°, BackHug decompresses your spine, helping you relax and prepare for effective joint de-stiffening.

Someone editing the settings during a BackHug session


Adjust As You Go

BackHug's easy-to-use app puts you in control of your treatment: With just a few taps, you can change the strength and speed of your treatment as well as choose which area of your back to target - all in real-time.

Person looking a tension results after a BackHug session


Track Your Tension

During your BackHug session, our Back Tension Tracking (BTT) software will monitor the back tension changes and analyse the data. At the end of the session, you will find how the tension in each of the six zones in your back has changed.

Person stretching and smiling after a session on BackHug


Feel The Difference

After your session you should feel more relaxed and flexible, and over time, regular sessions with BackHug will help you move more easily, bend better and lead to an improved quality of life.

BackHug Can Help Improve Your Flexibility, Reduce Stiffness, and Help You Feel Better Overall

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Have More
Energy To Play

Asset 6-1

Your Hobbies

Asset 8

Your Recovery

Asset 5-1

Your Flexibility

Try BackHug For 30 Days:
Our Happiness Guarantee

Feel like you've tried everything and nothing's worked? Worried you're going to be disappointed?

No need to worry. We're so confident that BackHug will work for you that we invite you to try it for thirty days, commitment-free.

If it works, keep it and live the rest of your life aches and pains free 

  If you’re not convinced, send it back for free - in the meantime, you've had personalised back therapy on demand at home for a month


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Flexible Pricing Options*

Starting from $119 per month, you get unlimited sessions whenever you need them: no travel, booking or appointment required.

*No Commitment Needed Until After Your 30-Day Trial

Improve your Back Story

See how BackHug has helped people improve their back health and live a more comfortable life.


Once you have reserved your BackHug, we will add you to our priority waiting list. 

Once your device is ready, we will get in touch to arrange delivery and payment.

No! Massage chairs treat muscle tightness. BackHug treats joint stiffness. Massage chairs use large balls and rollers that move up and down the neck and back but can't reach your joints. BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers that go deep into the knots and stiffness in the joints of the back, neck and shoulder blades.

You have two options at the end of your subscription period (12 and 24 months). If you want to keep using your BackHug and enjoy the health benefits, there is no need to do anything. Your contract will automatically continue on a monthly rolling basis. Suppose you want to return your BackHug for any reason. In that case, you can do so after your subscription period has ended free of charge at any time by giving us 30 days' notice. But remember - if you keep your BackHug subscription for five years in a row, you own the device.

To maximize the benefits of BackHug, aim to incorporate it into your routine at least 2-3 times per week.

Yes! A BackHug device operates with the BackHug App, which you can download on your smartphone. Any Android 4.4 and iOS 10 phones will have no problems. We continuously update the App so you can experience an even more personalized and improved treatment experience.

No! If you bruise easily, please do not use BackHug. You will find out if BackHug is for you or not during the first 30-day trial period. BackHug applies deep tissue pressure, which can result in temporary marks on your skin or bruising. If you are concerned, increase the gap between your sessions to allow your skin to recover. Alternatively, you can reduce the strength of the fingers or wear additional clothing to prevent bruising.