V3 Device Cut-Out (Side View, Leg Rest Up)_800 px wide

Our Happiness Guarantee

Feel like you've tried everything and nothing's worked? Worried you're going to be disappointed?

No need to worry. We're so confident that BackHug will work for you that we invite you to try it for thirty days, zero commitment.

If it works, keep it and live the rest of your life aches and pains free 

  If you’re not convinced, send it back for free - in the meantime, you've had personalised back therapy on demand at home for a month

30-Day BackHug Trial*

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  Includes Premium two-person delivery

We know that trying something new can be daunting when everything you've tried in the past doesn't work for you.
Will this help my condition? Will I waste my time and my money? Why should I trust it?

We are confident that Backhug can make a difference in your life, so we encourage you to try it for 30 days.
During this trial period, you can decide if BackHug is for you (and keep it) or return it, no questions asked.

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