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IMG_4504_Checkout_Grey BackHug device V3_Prospective view_Light background_Square
Neck robotic fingers protruding from the neoprene - BackHug V3_orange_checkout 2
447A0164_grey backhug v3_leg rest extended_checkout_square_light background
BackHug V3 Top - Neck rest and V shaped upholstery_Checkout_Square 2

Pre-order now and save £30

Total £99  £129 after offer ends

 Guarantees delivery* in Autumn 2024     (Limited availability)

  30 days of unlimited back-care treatments
     (save time and money on appointments)

*Pay your £80 delivery fee only once your device is ready and you confirmed your delivery date. We will refund half of your delivery fee if you decide to keep BackHug after your trial.