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Try First, Decide Later


For Individuals

Try BackHug for 30 Days


zero commitment


Flexible pricing options available after your at-home trial



Enjoy the benefits of BackHug for a year

  Unlimited At-Home Back Care
  Free Maintenance
  Zero-commmitment 30-Day Trial

best value



Check icon  Unlimited At-Home Back Care
Check icon  Free Maintenance
Check icon  Zero-commitment 30-Day Trial



Invest in your health

  Unlimited At-Home Back Care
 One-year manufacturer’s warranty*
 Zero-commmitment 30-Day Trial

*After-warranty service plans available


For Businesses

 Free your employees from back pain

 Improve their health, motivation and productivity

 Reduce days off work and health insurance payouts

 Give them another reason to come to the office

 Demonstrate your commitment to employee wellness

zero commitment