What happens after my trial?

After the trial period ends, customers have two options:

1. 12-Month Subscription: Customers can subscribe for 12 months. This option provides ongoing access to the BackHug device along with full maintenance and software upgrades throughout the subscription period.

2. 24-Month Subscription: Alternatively, customers can choose a 24-month subscription. This option offers the same benefits as the 12-month subscription but at a discounted monthly rate.

Additionally, we offer a purchase option for those interested in owning the BackHug device outright. Please contact us at hello@paclamedical.com for more information on the purchase option.

It's important to note that customers must inform us within the trial period if they wish to cancel and return the BackHug. If no cancellation request is received within the agreed trial period, the customer will be automatically enrolled into our 12-month subscription plan.