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Are you still suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, or sciatica, after you've tried everything? That's because the treatments you received didn't address the root of your problem.

BackHug is a home therapy device that works by de-stiffening joints in the back. No booking, no travelling, no pay-per-visit, only the benefits of professional treatments.

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A man stretching out his arms wide and sitting on BackHug device after treatment session

What Is BackHug?

BackHug is an innovative device that delivers professional-level back therapy to people in the comfort of their own homes or place of work. It delivers amazing reductions in back aches with 26 robotic human-sized fingers that adapt to your unique back curvature.

People suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, or sciatica can significantly reduce their pain by addressing the root of their problem: stiff joints in the back.

By simply answering a series of questions on our app, the BackHug device can create a personalised program that will target and treat the tension held in your back.

Address The Root Of Your Pain

Common treatments for pain, such as massage chairs, massage guns, and manual therapy, aren't designed to fix your pain: they only treat superficial symptoms. Because the treatments don't address the root of the problem,  many people continue to suffer and don't get better.

BackHug addresses the root cause of your pain.

Work the deep tissue in your back and hit the key pressure points that are the cause of your pain.

Gives personalized treatment according to your own spinal curvature

and operated with a carefully designed App, where you can change all settings in real time

A women sat on BackHug doing a wide stretch with their arms

Rediscover Life
Without Pain

BackHug has been designed to de-stiffen the joints in your back and fix the root causes of your pain.

Our users find relief for:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress and tension
  • Stiffness and reduced range of motion
  • Sciatica or discomfort while sitting
  • Tennis/golfer's elbow
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“BackHug Is So Effective, Even On The First Time, You Can Feel The Benefit”

Jessica Colson

Jessica BackHug User

Why I Created BackHug

As a physio, I often experienced conflict and struggle. The manual therapy I used worked and made a difference for many people. But, they needed the treatment at least three times a week to further improve. People had to travel a lot, struggled to book appointments, and spent a lot of money to get the treatment they needed. There had to be a better way. So, I used my engineering experience to brainstorm a way to use technology to give people consistent, convenient and cost-effective treatment, so BackHug was born.

Learn More About The Creation of BackHug 

Chongsu Lee, Founder of BackHug

It's Not Muscles Causing Your Pain

Most of the pain you experience, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, sciatica, and so on, overwhelmingly involves stiff joints in your back. Joint stiffness in the back is the root cause of pain. Releasing the stiff joints in your back will bring surprisingly great results for your problems.

BackHug fixes the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Learn More About The Science Behind BackHug 


Your Back, Your BackHug: It's Personal

We give you the tools so you can get to know what works for you and let you track your progress so you can see and feel the improvements. Plus, a BackHug specialist will help you if you ever need it.

Phone screen showing BackHug settings

Personalize Your Treatment

Using our app, you can change any settings in real time with a few taps of your phone.

Have a headache? Try the Neck Focus program. Are you feeling sensitive in your lower back? Reduce strength in that area. You think different daily, so why should your treatment stay the same?

Phone screen showing 1-to-1 chat consultation

Take an Expert Consultation

If you're unsure of what you need, we can help you there, too.

Use our in-app physiotherapy consultation, with step-by-step questions and ten years of physio experience. Our AI will take your answers and build a BackHug treatment program that works to help your specific needs.

Phone screen showing BackHug session summary: time spent per section, and program flow

Monitor Your Progress

While you're enjoying your session on your BackHug, the device will be monitoring the level of relaxation in your back, using our cutting-edge ‘Spinemap’ feature.

 After each session, you can check how much deep, therapeutic relaxation has taken place by tracking the tension in your back.

"Is It Really Better Than a Massage?"
Let's Compare...

Massage Chairs, Massage Guns, and Manual Therapy: These are the most common solutions people adopt when they feel pain. But, they don't work long-term.

We created BackHug so that sufferers like you, who have tried everything without success, to release joint stiffness in your back at home.

Change duration and intensity, or exclude an entire area from the treatment. Tell BackHug precisely what you need, like you were guiding a human therapist during your treatment.


Get relief from your aches and pains consistently. BackHug can get deeper into your joints without stopping at the superficial muscles and deliver effective treatment without getting tired.



No need to book an appointment, travel to a clinic, pay per visit, or get undressed. BackHug gives you quality back treatment from the comfort of your home whenever you need it.



Stop getting confused by buttons and complicated technical jargon. Stop hanging in an unrelated position. Lay back and relax on BackHug with a few taps on your smartphone.

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Bar shart graphic showing 376% reduction in back pain

BackHug Is Proven To Reduce Tension

In a recent study, BackHug showed an average reduction of 376% in back stiffness after just three sessions*

*compared to the control sessions, which did not use BackHug


What To Expect From BackHug

BackHug is different from anything else, so it's good to know what to expect before you start. As with any new technology, it might take some time to get used to it, but you can feel the difference even after the first session.

"BackHug is so effective that even on the first time, you can feel the benefit."
- Jessica, BackHug User

BackHug may feel unusual the first time you use it and maybe even painful (we recommend using the lowest settings, to begin with). Remember, the fingers are pushing to release stress from your back, and while that may feel a little strange at first, it is a by-product of the release of tension. As the session continues, you should feel yourself relaxing, making treatment more comfortable and enabling you to sustain a higher strength setting.

"After ten days, you really start to feel the benefit."
- Andrew, BackHug User

You should be used to the BackHug treatment by now, and the unusual sensation should feel more relaxing and more beneficial - This is mainly because the tension in your back will be much lower (You can track your back pressure on the BackHug app)

"I can move my neck; I've never been able to move it this much before."
- Paul, BackHug User

By now, you should notice more flexibility and an increased range of motion. Pain and tension should have dropped and ought to be a lot more manageable in your day-to-day life.

A series of testimonials from BackHug users
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"I feel that my sleeping is better, my strength my energy is better, my fatigue is less and my pace of walking is better."

Alison Peebles

Alison Peebles Living With MS

A series of images showing people enjoying hobbies such as yoga, gardening, playing and weighlifting

Try BackHug For 30 Days With Our Happiness Guarantee

We know that trying something new can be daunting when everything you've tried in the past doesn't work for you.

Will this help my condition? Will I waste my time and my money? Why should I trust it?

We are confident that Backhug can make a difference in your life, so we encourage you to try it for 30 days. During this trial period, you can decide if BackHug is for you (and keep it) or return it, no questions asked.


Join Our BackHug Users
Rediscover Life Without Pain

We're so happy to have helped so many people get rid of their pain so they can get back to living the life they want, unrestricted by aches and pain.

Phil Coombes

Chronic Aches and Pains

Alison Peebles

Living With MS

Orlando Aguilon

Chronic Aches and Pains

Are You Ready To Feel The Difference?

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"The BackHug is really brilliant. I’ve not had a back issue since it came to the house."

Chris Mair

Chris Mair BackHug User


Once you have reserved your BackHug, we will add you to our priority waiting list. 

Once your device is ready, we will get in touch to arrange delivery and payment.

No! Massage chairs treat muscle tightness. BackHug treats joint stiffness. Massage chairs use large balls and rollers that move up and down the neck and back but can't reach your joints. BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers that go deep into the knots and stiffness in the joints of the back, neck and shoulder blades.

12-Months: £99 ($119) per month
24-Months: £89 ($99) per month
Own It: a one-off payment of £4,801 ($5,781)

You have two options at the end of your subscription period (12 and 24 months). If you want to keep using your BackHug and enjoy the health benefits, there is no need to do anything. Your contract will automatically continue on a monthly rolling basis. Suppose you want to return your BackHug for any reason. In that case, you can do so after your subscription period has ended free of charge at any time by giving us 30 days' notice. But remember - if you keep your BackHug subscription for five years in a row, you own the device.

We recommend using BackHug 2 - 3 times weekly to achieve significant benefits. Some of our customers use it every day, whereas others use it when they need it, for example, when experiencing stress, muscle soreness or aches and pains.

Yes! A BackHug device operates with the BackHug App, which you can download on your smartphone. Any Android 4.4 and iOS 10 phones will have no problems. We continuously update the App so you can experience an even more personalized and improved treatment experience.

No! If you bruise easily, please do not use BackHug. You will find out if BackHug is for you or not during the first 30-day trial period. BackHug applies deep tissue pressure, which can result in temporary marks on your skin or bruising. If you are concerned, increase the gap between your sessions to allow your skin to recover. Alternatively, you can reduce the strength of the fingers or wear additional clothing to prevent bruising.

You will always get a Brand New or Like New BackHug, for example, one that's had a 30-day trial. Every BackHug is thoroughly checked and cleaned before shipping, and all BackHug devices, therefore, fully function according to product specifications and are free of cosmetic defects. BackHug subscriptions include maintenance and software upgrades, so you can always be confident that your BackHug will work or that we'll take care of it. We operate our business to minimise unnecessary waste impacting the environment, which helps us offer our high-quality product at a competitive price.

We're Nearly Ready

Our V3 device is still in production, and we are working hard to get as many devices ready to ship to those in need.

We already have 300+ people on the waiting list, so reserve your device today to ensure you qualify for priority delivery.