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An innovative  solution for aches and pains

Technology and physiotherapy come together to give you personalised care and treatment from the comfort of your own home without the need for a specialist.

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Are You Tired Of Aches And Pains,
Stiffness And Tightness Caused By:

Woman Holding Head In Hand

Stress and

Elderly Persons Hand

Neurological Conditions
(Such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis)

Man Working At A Desk

Long Hours
Working At a Desk

Elderly Woman Holding Her Back In Pain

Your Body Getting Tight
and Stiff
as You Get Older

Woman Resting On Sofa

Chronic Conditions
(Such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Elderly Man Being Helped Up After a Fall

History of Falls
or Injuries

Then You Are In The Right Place...


"It Gave Me
My Life Back"

Jessica Colson
BackHug User | Newark

Jessica Capsule
Chongsu Providing Physio to Patient

You're in Good Hands

Invented by an Engineer-Turned-Physio

BackHug was founded by physiotherapist Chongsu Lee.

Lee was an industrial engineer in South Korea, inspired to retrain
after an illness dramatically affected his lifestyle.

He moved to Scotland and qualified in physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh in 2010. Lee practised professionally for several years before becoming frustrated by the limited impact standard methods had on his patients, including the lack of consistency in delivering them.

He became determined to find the solution for convenient and consistent alleviation from aches and pains. That's when he came up with BackHug.

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Chronic Aches is a Global Public Health Priority

 Globally, it has been estimated that 1 in 5 adults suffer from aches and pains (Goldberg, D.S, McGee, S.J, 2011).                                Which is why we are on a mission to give people the tools to move freely. 

Feel The Difference, Whenever You Need It
BackHug uses Deep Tissue Pressure to get you back to your best, starting from the first session. Are you ready to recover?

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Users report a wider range of motion and increased flexibility, with the biggest noticeable difference being after 10 days.

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You can feel the difference a BackHug makes as soon as session one, so you can get back to your best and move freely.

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Letting your body relax is crucial for recovery, which is why BackHug is designed to ease your body into a state of rest.

Images are an artist rendering of our V3 device. Final version may vary.

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Scientifically Proven To Reduce Tension

The Myoton Pro is a scientifically approved hand held device that measures soft tissue stiffness which showed that BackHug reduced back muscle stiffness 3.7 times greater than the 'resting in bed' control group. Also, the study participants reported, on average, 44% improvements in their aches and pains over three sessions compared to before they participated in the study.

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Our User's Testimonials

"I feel that my sleeping is better, my strength my energy is better, my fatigue is less and my pace of walking is better."
Alison Peebles

Alison Peebles
Actor, director and writer.
Living with MS | Glasgow

"It doesn't just work, it works superbly!... I've noticed now, even today, that I'm swinging my weight around better."
John Vickers

John Vickers
Living with MS | York

"The BackHug is really brilliant. I’ve not had a back issue since it came to the house."
Chris Mair
Chris Mair
BackHug User | Edinburgh

Your Health Shouldn't Cost an Arm and a Leg

The price of care can add up quickly. We've found a solution for that, too

Here's everything you get with your BackHug subscription:

Patent Protected Technology

26 robotic fingers press into your key points in the back releasing stiffness and helping you move freely.

All-In-One App

Our app gives you total control of your treatment. Adjust the speed, strength and target area in real-time.

2,000+ Treatment Options

Everyone's back is different so we made sure no matter what your problem, you have your preferred program

1-to-1 Physio Consultation

Follow our chatbot physiotherapy questionnaire, and you will get a treatment programme that is specially made for you

Guided Meditation Sessions

Scottish meditation guru Andrew Johnson--who pioneered app-based meditation--will guide you into a deep state of relaxation.

Back Relaxation Monitoring

Our cutting-edge SpineMap™️ feature measures how relaxed your back becomes during a session, giving you tangible results to show the release of back tension.

"It Doesn't Just Work, It Works Superbly..."

Watch our video to see how our users feel after using BackHug on a regular basis.

This video shows v2 of the BackHug device

So, Are You Tired of Feeling Tight?

We recognise that for many, ongoing aches and pains, soreness makes simply existing unmanageable. Try a BackHug to feel the difference it could make. BackHug is a robotic remedy for aches and pains, soreness and stress. It will work like a top therapist, whenever you need it, without ever getting tired hands. You get a personalised treatment experience thanks to the patent-protected hardware design and AI-empowered software technologies that tailor the treatment to your specific needs...

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Enjoy Your

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Accelerate Your

Asset 7-1

Have More
Energy To Play

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Increase Your

Are You Ready To Feel The Difference?

We don't just care about helping you move more, we want your money to go further, too.
Whatever plan you choose gives you full access to the device as well as software upgrades and maintenance.

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Take A Full 30 Days To Put Us To The Test With Our Happiness Guarantee

We believe in the difference of BackHug so, we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If BackHug doesn't stop you worrying about aches and pains, if it doesn't save you time visiting specialists, or if it fails to help you feel ache-free, then you can return the device without any penalty. We will collect the device for free. No Questions Asked.