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BackHug Benefits Your Whole Company.

Give your employees convenient back care in the workplace to keep productivity, morale and profits high - BackHug will treat your entire workforce.

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The Hidden Costs of Back Pain
For Your Business

Back pain is a pressing issue that impacts businesses worldwide. As the leading cause of workplace disability*, it inflicts a toll on productivity, triggers increased turnover, and burdens employers with substantial costs:


Of office workers will experience back pain during their career


Employees left the labour market due to back pain in the UK in 2021


Per year, Per employee, is the average cost to an employer due to back pain in the US

  12 Days  

Is how long it takes for an employee to recover from back pain

*Global burden of 369 diseases and injuries in 204 countries and territories, 1990-2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. Lancet. 2020 Oct 17

How BackHug Is Helping

Revolutionise Employee Well-Being

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Attract and Retain Talent

Differentiate from competitors by offering comprehensive well-being perks.

By providing BackHug as a well-being perk, you're demonstrating your commitment to your employee's health and happiness.

BackHug's targeted therapy sessions can effectively alleviate back pain and promote a healthier work experience, improving employee satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of turnover.

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Boost productivity

By providing an effective solution for back and neck pain, our back therapy device can significantly contribute to reducing the occurrence of chronic illnesses and lost workdays.

This translates into fewer sick absences and increased productivity for your organization.

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Maximize Cost Savings

Investing in our BackHug device can yield significant cost savings for your organization.

Compared to hiring a manual therapist for a single day, BackHug provides a month of personalised treatment at a fraction of the cost and also serves as a smart alternative to addressing back and neck pain without the need for additional ergonomic equipment.

With BackHug, you empower your employees to proactively manage their well-being and reduce the potential costs associated with absenteeism and reduced productivity due to discomfort.

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Save Time

Eliminate administrative tasks with the BackHug App. Employees or clients can conveniently book their treatment sessions without any extra effort from you or your staff.

This streamlined process saves valuable time and ensures a seamless experience for all.

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Encourage return to the office

Create an environment that fosters loyalty and supports your employees' health and productivity.

By incorporating BackHug into your office space, you provide a unique and valuable asset that promotes back health and overall well-being and gives people a reason to come into the office.

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Achieve Recognition and Well-being Satisfaction

By placing well-being at the core of your workplace, you have the opportunity to improve overall employee satisfaction.

Prioritizing well-being with BackHug can contribute to creating a positive work environment and position your organization as a certified "Great Place to Work," gaining recognition for your commitment to employee well-being.

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Increase productivity

With back and neck pain being the second reason for chronic illnesses and lost days of work, having an effective solution for back and neck pain could mean, fewer sick days, and more work done.

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Attract and retain

Stop competing for the best-qualified staff. Captivate top employees with wellbeing perks and keep them healthy, while reducing turnover at the same time.

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Save money

A whole month of BackHug can cost you as much as hiring a manual therapist for 1 day and WAAAAYYYYYY less than getting ergonomic chairs and desks for each staff who’s got back or neck pain.

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Save time

No admin or any other additional work for you, your staff (or clients) can book their treatment sessions for themselves using the BackHug App

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Get them back

Working from home has given us all back aches. Your employee could get that treated in the office … and while they’re there, do some work as well.

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Get recognised

Improve wellbeing satisfaction by putting wellbeign at the centre of your workplace. Become a certified "Great place to work".

Moh Al-Haifi

5 stars
The main beauty of MyBackHug is that it helps amplify a culture focused and human centric organisation, allowing employees from all stages and levels to enjoy well-being at the workplace.

Moh Al-Haifi
Verified BackHug User


5 stars
I've used BackHug in lunch breaks which has been perfect for relieving any tension. Although I have no present back or neck issues, I found a lunch time massage on BackHug was perfect for retuning to my desk feeling relaxed and revived.

Gillian Semmler
Verified BackHug User

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One BackHug,
100+ Workforce

BackHug is a smart back therapy device that never gets tired, offering consistent, high-quality treatment around the clock.

It effectively relieves tension, stiffness, and discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulder blades.

With a single device covering up to 150 individuals, your business can extend top-tier, cost-effective health and well-being benefits to all employees.

"It does just free up stress, stress from your back"

"It's really been a struggle to sit down for long periods of time  and was almost getting to the point where I need to reconsider my career. I like my job so I wanted to do this desk job  but   It looked like that might not be possible."

"Before I had the machine   I was on this downwards progression slowly and more and more pain, and [BackHug] it's starting to reverse that process."

"More than anything, just that my back isn't limiting me in my career, or in my personal life. BackHug helps me to relax whilst I'm actually on the machine and, more important thing is, it frees up the joint."

BackHug User

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Back therapy,
At Your Fingertips

Through our intuitive BackHug App, anyone in your organization can:

Book a date, time and duration to suit their work routine

Experience personalised back treatment whenever they need it

Always hit the right spot by adjusting their settings in real-time

Monitor their progress with our innovative Tension Tracking software

We continuously update our app so you can always experience an even more personalised and improved treatment experience.

Your BackHug Subscription

Is Loaded With Benefits

BackHug Device (b2b)@2x

BackHug Device

Management Portal (b2b)@2x

Management Portal

Integrated Booking (b2b)@2x

Fully Integrated Booking System

Privacy Booth (b2b)@2x

Privacy Booth

(Optional and at an extra cost)


Worry-Free Trial

Remote Monitoring

Unlimited Access
For Staff and Visitors

Full Maintenance
For Peace Of Mind

Compact Size,

Maximum Relief

BackHug, with its compact dimensions of L: 110cm x W: 53cm, offers maximum relief in a small package.

No dedicated room is necessary for BackHug; its sleek and space-efficient design effortlessly fits into any corner of your office.

IMG_4504 BackHug device V3 grey upholstery_light green circle

Our Privacy Booth,

Helps You Relax

We understand the importance of privacy when it comes to relaxation. That's why we've designed compact privacy booths exclusively for our valued business customers.

Our privacy booths are easy to assemble.
The semi-circular shape, coupled with a convenient curtain door, ensures a cozy and tranquil environment. The booth dimensions are as follows: Height - 190cm, Width - 200cm, Depth - 140cm.

Privacy booth is an optional add-on and incurs a separate charge.

Book An Intro Call To Get Started


Each of your employees can book their session directly from our App (available for free on both the Apple and Google store).  Time slots and session duration are all handled on the app so there's no need for anyone to manually manage who uses it and when. You can however set usage parameters (such as operational hours for example) in the management portal if you want.

No! Massage chairs treat muscle tightness. BackHug treats joint stiffness in the back, neck and shoulder blades. Massage chairs use balls and rollers that are too big and wide, can't reach the joints in the back, and can only treat muscles. BackHug's human-sized robotic fingers go deep and release stiff joints in the back, which is the root cause of most pain people experience.

It’s very unlikely BackHug will break down. But if anything doesn’t work, contact us and we'll either fix the problem remotely or send you a new one and arrange for the old one to be returned to us - at no extra cost to you. All updates to BackHug's software will be performed remotely and require no manual input from your or your colleagues.

BackHug measures L: 110cm, W: 53cm, and we recommend giving enough of a berth around the device to allow employees to walk around and use the device comfortably.

While a separate room would be ideal for privacy, it is not required to use BackHug. As long as you have space for the device, that is all that is needed. We can provide a privacy booth to ensure employees feel comfortable while receiving their treatment.

BackHug uses two main fabrics: easy-clean upholstery and easy-clean neoprene. These materials will ensure the BackHug stays hygienic and clean after repeated use. We recommend leaving wipes next to the device so that users can wipe the device down before use.

BackHug can, in theory, serve an unlimited number of employees because the robotic fingers that provide the same consistent, high-quality therapy never get tired. However, a single BackHug device can typically cover a 100 - 150 workforce, so if you have more than 150 employees, you may want to get a couple of BackHug's. That way, you will ensure everyone can book a session for their desired time slot and feel the benefit of personal therapy at work. 

No, at all. Suppose your organization has restricted Wi-Fi due to security reasons. In that case, we use a different method to update the device's software. The BackHug will always stay updated with the latest software.


If you want to know more about BackHug for businesses visit our FAQ page or book a call directly.