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Give Your Employees...

Keeping employees healthy is becoming an increasing priority for businesses; BackHug is a game changer that can offer physio treatment to an entire workforce.

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Protect Your Workers
Support Their Health

Back pain affects millions of employees globally, so no matter where your company sits in the corporate world, your workforce will benefit from better back care.

It can be easy to ignore general aches and pains but when it comes to the health of our back, it can quickly affect other parts of the body and become a company liability that nobody wants to deal with.


Back pain is the leading cause of workplace disability

Back related pain leads to more than just a few missed days of work - It’s the leading cause of disability worldwide. 

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Back pain increases turnover and decreases engagement

Ongoing pain can make it increasingly difficult to feel positive or optimistic, which makes it more difficult to work on long-term projects. (source)

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Back pain reduces productivity, costing companies millions

Chronic back pain contributes to nearly 20 minutes per day of work lost - which added up to $1.21 million in lost work

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BackHug For Businesses

BackHug never gets tired and offers consistent, high-quality treatment 24/7. A single BackHug device typically covers up to 150 people in the workplace, which means that your business can provide top-quality health and well-being bonuses to everyone in your offices at a fraction of the costs.

BackHug is more than just a back therapy device; it is also for relaxation and mindfulness. For example, you can listen to music or our guided meditations during a session and release your mental and physical tension. Privacy is essential to relaxation, so with each BackHug for business subscription, we can supply a privacy screen to ensure your staff can relax. The screen comprises three panels (without gaps) to create privacy and flexibility in how it fits in your space. The total dimensions of the screen are H:180cm, W: 3x100cm.

Since multiple people use the same BackHug device in your business, your staff must be able to know when they can access the device. Users can look for an available slot with their smartphones, and with a few clicks, they can book a session and start building healthy habits

BackHug is just one device, but that doesn't mean it only does one thing. Once users complete our in-app 1-1 physio consultation, it will create a personalized treatment program that will specifically address their individual needs. Users can track their back tension changes to see how they improve over time and they can also customize the session to suit their needs:

  • Adjust the strength and speed of the fingers
  • Focus on a specific part of their back
  • Switch the heat treatment on or off
  • Many more

It's like giving each employee their own personal therapist.

If you are a manager, or are responsible for your staff's well-being, we give you access to our dedicated BackHug management portal. With this, you can edit the device information, photos and learn how much your staff are enjoying the device. Promoting and managing the health and well-being of your staff has never been easier. 


Pain Costs More Than A Sick Day



  12 Days  

Of office workers will experience back pain during their employment



Back injuries are linked to, and often caused by, the workplace

Is the average time an employee will take off to recover



Per year, Per employee, is the average cost to an employer due to back pain in the US

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“You Can't Put A Price On Feeling Well
...You Can't”

Jessica Colson

Jessica BackHug User

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Physiotherapy At Your Fingertips

DRAFT: A BackHug device operates with the BackHug App, which you can download on your smartphone.

We continuously update the App so you can experience an even more personalized and improved treatment experience.

What You Receive With Your BackHug Subscription

  • BackHug device
  • Private space divider (optional)
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Unlimited access for your staff and visitors
  • Access to the fully integrated booking system
  • Access to BackHug Management Portal
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Compact Size
Maximum Relief

DRAFT: BackHug measures L: 110cm, W: 53cm, and we recommend giving enough of a berth around the device to allow employees to walk around and use the device comfortably.

The BackHug is so compact that it 


Each of your employees can book their session directly from our App (available for free on both the Apple and Google store). Time slots and session duration are all handled via the app so there's no need for anyone to manually manage who uses it and when.

No! Massage chairs treat muscle tightness. BackHug treats joint stiffness in the back. Massage chairs use balls and rollers that are too big and wide, can't reach the joints in the back, and can only treat muscles. BackHug's human-sized robotic fingers go deep and release stiff joints in the back, which is the root cause of most pain people experience.

Each organization is different, and we tailor contracts depending on your needs. Therefore, we ask businesses to fill out an enquiry form and arrange a 1-to-1 call or demo to understand better what you want and how we can help you.

BackHug doesn't require any assembly. It's ready to use as soon as you remove it from its packaging - all you need to do is find the perfect place to put it, plug it in, and start to feel the difference.

If you also opt for a privacy space divider, that is equally easy to install and requires minor assembly.

While it is unlikely for BackHug to break down, if anything happens, contact us and we'll arrange for a diagnosis and repair at no extra cost to you. It is also worth noting that all updates to BackHug's software will be performed remotely and require no manual input from your organization. 

BackHug measures L: 110cm, W: 53cm, and we recommend giving enough of a berth around the device to allow employees to walk around and use the device comfortably.

While a separate room would be ideal for privacy, it is not required to use BackHug. As long as you have space for the device, that is all that is needed. We can provide a privacy screen to ensure employees feel comfortable while receiving their treatment.

BackHug uses two main fabrics: easy-clean upholstery and easy-clean neoprene. These materials will ensure the BackHug stays hygienic for repeated use by multiple users. We recommend wipes next to the device so that the users can wipe it off any dirt before lying down.

BackHug can, in theory, serve an unlimited number of employees because the robotic fingers that provide the same consistent, high-quality therapy never get tired. However, a single BackHug device can typically cover a 100 - 150 workforce, so if you have more than 150 employees, you may want to get a couple of BackHug's. That way, you will ensure everyone can book a session for their desired time slot and feel the benefit of personal therapy at work. 

No, at all. Suppose your organization has restricted Wi-Fi due to security reasons. In that case, we use a different method to update the device's software. The BackHug will always stay updated with the latest software.