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See how much you could save on back care with BackHug (UK only)

  • How much would you pay for a physio/chiro appointment in the UK?
  • How many visits would you need per month?

You will save

BackHug reinvents the traditional approach to back care by making it convenient and affordable, while still being as effective at reducing tension


5 stars

"I totally love BackHug, would give it 10 stars! Feeling excited as this may be the thing that I can use to ease the tension and pain I experience in my neck and shoulders and it will be both time and cost effective for me. It is so easy to use and convenient."

Maggie Anne Gachagan
Verified BackHug User


5 stars

"BackHug is an amazing product! At the expense of two 60 min sessions per month, you can use the product daily or make it part of your fitness regime. I cannot recommend BackHug highly enough! For any aspiring athletes, or anyone who takes physical conditioning seriously. This product will change your performance for the better and I honestly believe it will save you money in the long run."

Robin Crawford
Verified BackHug User

Phil Coombes

5 stars

"[BackHug] saved me a huge amount of money, and a huge amount of time. In terms of how much I was spending on treatment before I got the machine to how much I spend on treatment now with the machine, I'm in profit."

Phil Coombes
Verified BackHug User

How BackHug Compares To In-Person Appointments


BackHug Comparison

Physio Waiting Room

Traditional In-Person Appointments

Personalized and effective treatment

Personalized and effective treatment
You can have a session whenever you want

You need to book and are tied to their schedule
No travel time - it's right there in your home

You need to travel to the clinic taking time out of your day
Unlimited Sessions: £109 /mo Four Sessions: £188 /mo*

*figures taken from:


“I was very impressed in the fist session… If you have a neck, upper and mid back problems, it can really get to it!”

Lara Lewington
Presenter of BBC Click


Asset 3

"After six weeks, I complete a follow-up consultation and realise that the headaches and pins and needles in my fingers that I reported at the start of the trial have largely disappeared. The tightness between my shoulders also feels less severe."

Linda Geddes,
Science Editor



"I could almost sleep through the whole night and, as a result, my mood improved. Even my landlord said there was a ‘glow’ about me."

Bryony Firth-Bernard
Health and fitness product writer