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Easing Your Shoulder Pain, Easily, From Home

by Chongsu Lee on

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If you’re like most people, you probably take your shoulder blades for granted. You use them every day without even thinking about them.

But what happens when one or both of your shoulder blades becomes stiff?

The other day, I watched a health program on YouTube that I had first seen on television and had stuck in my memory. It featured Mr. Kim, who was introduced on the program as a “World Class Yoga Master,” showing the audience, which included many health experts, how he could treat severe shoulder pain in one minute.

A female in her 40s was one of the first to volunteer. ‘It’s so bad I struggle to push my shopping cart. Even chopping potatoes is getting hard.’

Mr. Kim showed off his magic trick. His right hand grabbed her shoulder blade from behind. Then, by moving her arm with his left hand, he started to rotate the shoulder blade gently from left to right, then right to left,

The woman smiled at first before letting out a screeching scream that shattered through the room…Mr. Kim’s treatment was causing her a lot of pain. But about 30 seconds into the treatment, things started to improve. 

Her face looked more comfortable, only frowning from time to time as Mr. Kim moved her arm from side to side. Finally, after a minute, time was up. Mr. Kim then asked her to raise her arm again. 

To most of the audience’s amazement and mine, her arm rose to her ear, twice as high as what she had managed only a minute ago. Everyone was impressed. Mr. Kim was just smiling.

That ONE MINUTE TRICK is Scapular Mobilisation.

Watch our video on how to do it yourself below:

Shoulder blades are tough to treat, which takes us back to Mr. Kim. One of the reasons he recently became famous in Korea was that he was one of the only therapists in the world who had come up with a treatment that helped people with painful shoulders caused by stiff shoulder blade joints. As a result of that he’s become a very busy man, so hopefully this secret can help those of you with no access to Mr Kim.


Additional Exercises

The following two exercises can significantly relieve the pain associated with stiff shoulder blades. Do it daily, repeating 15 times for each exercise to get fast results.

Scapular Wall Slides5.3

Figure 5.3: The Scapular Wall Slide exercise is designed to move the shoulder blades so the stiffness around the joints becomes loosened

  1. Stand with your back against the wall and keep your feet 15cm away from the wall.
  2. With your head, shoulders and elbows against the wall, raise your arms above your head to form a Y position.
  3. Bring the arms down. Then up again. Always keep your head, shoulders and elbows flush against the wall. Keep the repetitions slow and controlled.


Rear Delt Fly5.4Figure 5.4: Rear Delt Fly exercise uses light weights to help strengthen the muscles to control the shoulder blade movements as well as loosening the stiffness

  1. Grab two light weights (balls, dumbells or any two objects that are easy to hold and weigh the same) in each hand
  2. Bend forward and let your arms hang down
  3. Raise your arms to your sides 


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