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Creating BackHug

As a physio, I often experienced conflict and struggle. The manual therapy I developed worked and made a difference for many people. But, they needed the treatment at least three times a week to improve further. People travelled a lot, spending time on the road, on trains or planes. Some came from France, Egypt, Oxford, Inverness, and other parts of the UK. There were problems on my end too. My fingers got sore after seeing a few people. As I became tired, the person I saw in the morning received a better session because I had more energy. Still, the other person I treated in the afternoon got less from me because I was exhausted and couldn’t keep up with the manual work.

Chongsu - Team photo

Chongsu Lee Founder of BackHug


The Journey, So Far

  • Gaining Insight


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    Chongsu knew loosening stiff joints in the back was the key to solving pain for many of his patients. It worked so well for a sore back, headaches, sciatica, tennis, golfer’s elbow, tight hamstrings, calf, Achilles Tendinitis, and almost any kind of pain you can think of. Then he expanded on the technique and started working with people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Parkinson’s Disease (PD)


  • The Idea


    During a meeting with some old friends, Chongsu told them about his manual treatment problems. Kerry, Chongsu's mentor, said that the only way to treat people well without hurting yourself was for a machine to do the work.

    Chongsu Lee: "That was an EPIPHANY moment for me. After all, I trained as an engineer. Why not make a machine that replicated what I was doing? My patients could get all the benefits without my thumbs falling off. The device doesn't get tired. As a result, the treatment would be consistent. On top of that, the machine could have as many fingers as I wanted it to."


  • Prototyping


    The first device didn't come together quickly; it took much time.

    Chongsu Lee: "I bought springs, bolts, nuts, and a piece of wood. Then, reactivating my engineering brain, I started working. At the time, I was optimistic. I thought it would take me a couple of months. It took two years and a lot of money and energy before I finally produced my first working product. I was proud. I was sure it would impress the world. "


  • First Version

    The first workable device was a big milestone, but there was still a lot of work to be done to get it market-ready.

    Chongsu Lee: "Some people bought it, and it gave them some benefits (there are people with MS using it to this day). But it wasn’t good enough. Not nearly. To be brutally honest, it was only 10-20% as good as what I believed it needed to be."


  • Second Version

    Silvain on BackHug_Brown Device_Light neutral clean bg

    We have had many people trying out the v2 and v2.2 devices. Some had it in their homes for over a year. Others have tried it at one of our events or office. Each person has an opinion of what they do and doesn't like about BackHug, and we take note of it to improve the next version. Luckily, we've had a lot of positive testimonials that have proven to us that BackHug does help; it makes a difference. 


  • Making a Difference


    Many of our first users who see the most life-changing benefit are those suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). That has led to us forming a close relationship with MS-UK. We did company-wide fundraisers for the charity, ensuring that each iteration of the device continues to help those in chronic pain. After all, that is why we invented BackHug: to change the lives of those whose everyday lives have been affected by pain.


  • BackHug is Born


    Chongsu Lee: "I will spare you the details, tweaks, frustrations, illuminations, and adaptations that went into that journey. We must have made over 2,000 changes to the product I first developed. But, in 2022, seven years after the initial idea came up in 2014 over my lunch with Kerry, BackHug was born. Finally, we completed the development of a product that works and does what it should do - more than I ever could with my thumbs."


  • Sharing The Insights

    Aches and Pains Secrets - Book - Cover Mockup - FrontChongsu Lee: "I learned a lot while building and developing BackHug, and I wanted to share some tips, tricks and secrets for getting rid of back pain etc. Especially the importance of de-stiffening joints, the primary methodology behind BackHug. It's the only way to get to the root of your aches and pains at the source of the pain, not just address the symptoms."

    You can get a FREE COPY of Aches and Pains secrets for a limited time when you join the BackHug waiting list. Click here to claim yours. (this will be a link when the page is live)


BackHug Shipping Winter 2022


BackHug is manufactured in the UK and will be shipping from Winter 2022 to hundreds of people in the UK and US registered on the waiting list.

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