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Patent Protected Technology

Invented by an engineer-turned-physio

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Back Scanning

Every time you lie down on BackHug, the robotic fingers rise to scan your body, from neck to lower back, and adjust their position to fit your individual back shape.

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Take Control
With Our Intuitive App

You can adjust treatment strength, speed and program on the App – all in real time.

Robotic Fingers

Apply Deep Tissue Pressure (DTP) to your neck, shoulder blades, upper back and lower back, reducing back ache by 51% on average.

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Take It Easy,
It's Fully Automated

After choosing your baseline settings on the App, just lie down, relax and let BackHug do the rest for you.

Treatment Programmes

Our in-App chatbot therapist will quiz you about your back health and devise a personalised treatment program for your back, with 2,000+ possibilities.

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The V-shaped upholstery, U-shaped head rest, and 90º leg raise position have been tested with over 500 users to ensure you receive the best quality of treatment.

Good Health Starts From The Centre Of The Back

Why is the centre of the back so important for health?
Chongsu shows us how the centre of the back is a ‘passageway' between the brain and the rest of the body.

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"I use it 2-3 times a strengthens me, improves my posture. It keeps the searing pain I had at bay"

Michael Worobec
BackHug User | Edinburgh

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What Is Deep Tissue Pressure (DTP)?

Applying pressure to key points in the back helps lubricate stiff joints and break down muscle tightness (read: knots) that, when left untreated, limit blood circulation and nerve transmission, causing the development of aches and pain.

Stiff joints are like a rusty bicycle chain. There are more than 300 joints in your back, and stiffness in those joints can cause problems throughout your whole body (just as a rusty chain will make your bicycle harder to ride). BackHug is carefully designed to target pressure points in your back, neck and shoulder blades to release stiffness and get the rust out of your joints.

Easy To Use

BackHug uses next generation technology to get rid of your aches and pains; operating it is easy

How Does It Compare?

We have tested each of the most popular methods people use to treat their back, aches and pains, and soreness

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"It suits my lifestyle. I don't need to be in an appointment once a week, I use it as much as I like."

Louise Marshall
BackHug User | Edinburgh

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Get Back To Your Best

Whether you want to recover from injury or prevent a bad back, there are many reasons to try BackHug

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Enjoy Your Hobbies

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Have More Energy to Play

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Increase Your Flexibility

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Accelerate Recovery

Ready to feel the difference?