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Patent Protected Technology

Man with closed eyes laying down on Backhug device with graphic overlay showing robotic fingers scanning the back

Back Scanning

Every time you lie down on BackHug, the robotic fingers rise to scan your body, from neck to lower back, and adjust their position to fit your back shape.

A series of black robotic fingers

Robotic Fingers

Apply Deep Tissue Pressure (DTP) to your neck, shoulder blades, upper back and lower back, reducing back aches by 51% on average.

Woman's hands holding a phone up and using the BackHug app

Treatment Options

Our in-app chatbot therapist will quiz you about your back health and devise a personalised treatment program for your back with 2,000+ possibilities.

Man laying down on BackHug device and holding phone

Take Control
With Our App

You can adjust treatment strength, speed, focus area
and heat settings on the App – all in real-time.

A close-up of the U-shaped headrest


The V-shaped upholstery, U-shaped headrest, and 90º leg raise position have been tested with over 500 users to ensure you receive the best treatment.

A smiling woman laying on the BackHug device with headphones

Take It Easy,
It's Automated

After choosing your baseline settings on the App, lie down, relax and let BackHug do the rest for you.

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“BackHug Is So Effective, Even On The First Time, You Can Feel The Benefit”

Jessica Colson

Jessica BackHug User

Man with closed eyes laying down on BackHug wearing headphones

What Is Deep Tissue Pressure (DTP)?

Applying pressure to critical points in the back helps lubricate stiff joints and break down muscle tightness (read: knots) that, when left untreated, limits blood circulation and nerve transmission, causing aches and pain.

Stiff joints are like a rusty bicycle chain. There are more than 300 joints in your back, and stiffness in those joints can cause problems throughout your whole body (just as a rusty chain will make your bicycle harder to ride). We designed BackHug carefully to target pressure points in your back, neck and shoulder blades to release stiffness and get the rust out of your joints.


"Is It Really Better Than a Massage?"
Let's Compare...

Massage Chairs, Massage Guns, and Manual Therapy: These are the most common solutions people adopt when they feel pain. But, they don't work long-term.

We created BackHug so that sufferers like you, who have tried everything without success, to release joint stiffness in your back at home.

Change duration, and intensity, or exclude an entire area from the treatment. Tell BackHug precisely what you need, like you were guiding a human therapist during your treatment.



Get relief from your aches and pains consistently. BackHug can get deeper into your joints without stopping at the superficial muscles and deliver effective treatment without getting tired.



No need to book an appointment, travel to a clinic, pay per visit, or get undressed. BackHug gives you quality back treatment from the comfort of your home whenever you need it.



Stop getting confused by buttons and complicated technical jargon. Stop hanging in an unrelated position. Lay back and relax on BackHug with a few taps on your smartphone.

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How Is BackHug Different From A Massage Chair?

People often ask, "Is BackHug like a massage chair?" We understand the similarities: it's a furniture-like device that presses into your back. But, there are many differences, from the technology used to how people position themselves while receiving a session.

However, there is one MAJOR difference: Massage chairs don't work.

This video explains why...

Bar chart showing reduction in stiffness

BackHug Is Proven To Reduce Tension

In a recent study, BackHug showed an average reduction of 376% in back stiffness after just three sessions*

*compared to the control sessions, which did not use BackHug


Get Back To Your Best

Whether you want to recover from injury or prevent a bad back, there are many reasons to try BackHug

A woman doing some gardening

Enjoy Your Hobbies

A female holding up a baby

Have More Energy to Play

A man with grey hair doing yoga stretch

Increase Your Flexibility

Woman preparing to lift a barbell

Accelerate Recovery