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BackHug is Made in Britain

by BackHug Team on

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We are delighted to announce that Pacla Medical has been awarded the official “Made in Britain” mark.

This represents a significant milestone in our journey. Made in Britain is the official collective mark allowing British manufacturers to prove that their products are made in the UK, as is our BackHug robot.

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The way forward for wellbeing? The time is now.

This announcement comes as we enter the final production stages of BackHug. A growing list of host organisations, including some of the country’s largest employers, are eagerly awaiting its release at the end of October. For us, it makes sense to manufacture BackHug in Britain. Going forward, our plan is to make it the world’s leading back care product.

Commenting on the Made in Britain mark, CEO Chongsu Lee stated that

“taking BackHug from an idea to a viable working product manufactured in the UK has been a fantastic journey, during which we cherished Britain’s abundance of creativity, engineering and manufacturing know-how.”

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Not a chair, but a therapeutic ROBOT

As we enter into a highly competitive workplace wellbeing market, our offering is truly unique. Combining state of the art robotics with an ancient therapy practice. BackHug is comprised of 24 human-sized robotic fingers that are able to apply deep pressure to the centre of the back, helping to relieve aches and pains. This presents a significant improvement versus existing devices. 

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Focusing on the centre of the back is a deliberate design, as a part of BackHug’s ‘ripple effect’. This is where concentrating the effort on a single point can provide significant benefits that spread to wider areas. In this case, the arms and legs as well as helping users to de-stress. This echoes our message of ‘good health starts from the centre of your back.

We strongly believe that BackHug can provide a welcome solution to stressed-out workplaces, users with backaches and pains as well as offer an escape from the ever-busy 21st century working life. Hundreds of millions around the world suffer from back pain and we’re absolutely certain that our British-made device can offer a welcome relief at an affordable price.

Organisations interested in hosting a BackHug can contact us here