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How NOT To Use BackHug

by Eric Woehrling on

Months ago, we heard from a few people who tried BackHug a handful of times and found the lower back treatment uncomfortable. 

This surprised us and got us thinking..."How is that possible? 😲" 

BackHug has been designed by a physiotherapist with particular attention to ergonomics and comfort, as well as therapeutic effectiveness.

We investigated and it didn't take long to realise what was going on.

The Culprit

BackHug's upholstery is a comfy piece of high-tech furniture, so comfy that we noticed that some people were using the headrest as a neck rest.


The problem with putting your neck in the u-shaped headrest, rather than your head, is that your body will end up being too high on the device.

If you do that, the two robotic fingers at the top, targeted to precisely treat the stiffness at the top of your neck (or base of the skull if you will), will be pressing in the wrong place. Instead of treating the top of your neck, like they should, the fingers will end up pressing into the middle of your neck at best or, even worse, the top of your back instead.

But there’s a knock on effect that may be even more uncomfortable in another part of your body: your lower back and buttocks. If you lie too high on BackHug, the lower fingers can end up poking your pelvis rather than treating your lower back.

In summary, each of the robotic fingers inside BackHug has a specific shape, size, and angle, to treat a specific part of your back (neck, shoulder blades, middle back and lower back). But if they can’t reach the right spot, you won't get the relief you need and you may even feel uncomfortable.

Human back - male back - pressure points - position of robotic fingers-100

Ok, so what’s the correct way to lie on BackHug?


Now you know why lying on BackHug the right way is key to getting treatment that actually de-stiffens the joints in your back and gets rid of your back pain, headache, sciatica and more.

And, because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re going to show you a picture of the right way to lie on BackHug.

correct position 2

As you can see, your head should be on the headrest, with only the top sticking out a little bit above BackHug.

But if your neck is resting on the u-shaped headrest and your head is way above the BackHug (as in the photo below), then you're not in the right position.

incorrect poisiton - 2 models

Still unsure of how to position yourself correctly on BackHug?

The BackHug App will show you the correct position


Before the leg rest raises your legs and your session starts, the BackHug App will  show you this screen:

At the same time, the neck fingers will rise and gently tap on your neck.
When you can feel them at the base of your skull (just below the “Occipital Bun” at the back of your head), then you'll know you're in the right position.

Now you can press start and enjoy your BackHug treatment.

In conclusion, lying on BackHug the right way is key to getting a proper, effective treatment that can solve your back pain.

The settings you use on your BackHug App are also really helpful. Play around and discover the ones that are just right for you and try to make it a habit.

After all, going to the gym or eating healthily once a year won't make you super-fit... the same goes for the therapeutic benefits you get from BackHug.

Maybe you’re already positioning your head right, if so that’s great.

If you want any more help with positioning, App settings or anything else to do with BackHug please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help you get the best treatment from BackHug.